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1231 1000 cummins New, 1 Year / 1,000 Hour Limited Warranty (Whichever comes first), 60 Hertz, Digital Control Panel, Mainline Circuit Breaker, Skid Mounted, Dimensions (L x W x H - height does not include muffler): 177.16 ft x 76 ft x 96.46 ft, Weight (Pounds): 15435, Control Panel: Deep Sea Model 5210, Stamford Newage Generator End, GeneratorType: Diesel 3 Phase Reconnectable. 0114
1237 2000 Caterpillar Five (5) 2000 KW Caterpillar 3516B Diesel Generator Sets, 2000 KW/2500 KVA Caterpillar 3516B, 1800 rpm, 4160 volt, 60 HZ, Year: 2001, Only 2000 hrs since major overhaul by Caterpillar, Complete, Generator sets with radiators, control panels, exhaust silencers. Can be changed to operate on 50 HZ, All documentation and service reports available. 0314
1258 500 Waukesha 1993 Waukesha L4072GU Natural Gas Generator 500 KW. Open Frame, Dual Fuel Can Run on Either Natural Gas or Digester gas. Built in 1993, Dual Fuel 12 Cylinder and Has Just 3400+ Hours. Low Speed Engine, 900 RPM Which Means a Longer Life Cycle and Has Less Maintenance Costs. The Unit is Rated at 500 kWe PRIME onNatural Gas and 425 kWe PRIME on Digester Gas, 277 / 480Volts. Price Includes Loaded on Buyers Truck. Price: FOB Midhwest U.S. 0115
1260 2000 Caterpillar 2001 Cat 3516B Diesel Generator, 2000 KW, SR4B Generator, Standby, Sound attenuated Enclosure, Cat 60 HZ 3 Phase, 7200/12470 Volts, PF 0.8. Breaker Options: 0 Amps. Woodward Governor 2301 Amp. Battery Charger, Block Heater, 24V Electric Starter, Internal Silencer, Fuel Tank. Cat Engine model: 3516B, 1800 RPM, Ar# / Spec# / cpl#: 116-9866. Cat Alternator model: SR4B, Amps: N/A.Very Good Condition, Only 110 Hours. Dimensions: L 40 X W 12.3 X H 14, Weight 100,000 Lbs. Ready to Ship. 1214
1261 2000 Caterpillar 2004 Caterpillar XQ2000 Diesel Generator, Industrial Power Module. Rated at 2000 KW Standby, 60 HZ, 1800 RPM, 480 volts, 0.8 PF, 3 PH. Tier 1. Mounted on a Tri-Axle Chassis with 40 Ft Sound Attenuated Enclosure with Switch Gear, Breaker, Control Panel, Block Heater and Battery Charger. Powered by CAT 3516B Engine. Includes: Electronic Governor, SAE 00 Flywheel Housing, Radiator Cooled, 24 Volt Alternator, 1250 Gal. Fuel Tank. Dimensions (L x W x H inches): 480x96x162. Weight About 74000 Lbs. Approximately 3875 Hours Since Re-conditioned. Price: FOB South East U.S. - 0115
1252 16000 Cummins Cummins Model KTA38-G4 Power Plant Consisting of: Quantity Sixteen (16) Remaining CUMMINS KTA38-G4 Sound Attenuated 20F, Containerized Generators, Up to 16,000 kw 60 Hertz -OR- 16,000 kva 50 Hertz. Hours: between 4100 and 4700, Accessories access doors to Container, (Stamford-Newage PM Generator, Premium Generator Control Panel. Price is per Unit. 0614
1236 1500 Kawasaki Kato 1500kW, Serial # 22432-03, kVA2500, Volts 346/600, Amps 2406, RPM 1200, Manufacture Date 2009, Three Phase, 60 Cycles/Hz, Power Factor 0.6, Temp Rise 80, Double Bearing, Excitation Brushless. 0214
1239 800 G.E. Brand General Electric, Serial # DJ8373465, KW800, kVA1000, Volts 277/480, Amps 1203, RPM 1200, Condition Low Hour, Three Phases, Cycles/HZ60, Power Factor 0.8, Temp Rise 70, Flywheel Housing, Size SAE 00, Drive Type Standard 21ft, PMG No, Excitation Brushless, Rating Continuous. 0314
1232 1000 Caterpillar Caterpillar 1000 kW Diesel Generator Set, Manufacturer: Brand: Caterpillar, Model: 3508B Engine: Brand: Caterpillar, Model: 3508B, Serial#: 4GM00438, Arrangement/CPL#: 128-2845, Manufacture Date: 1999, Fuel Type: Diesel, Governor: Electronic, Air Cleaner: Dry Type, Cooling: Radiator Cooled, Alternator: None, Starter: 24 Volt Electric Starter, Tier Rating: No Tier Rating. Condition: Good Used, 1078 Hours Since New Generator: Brand: Caterpillar, Model: SR4B, Serial#: 2GM00817, KW: 1000, KVA: 1250 Rating: Stand By, Volts: 277/480, Phase: Three Phase, PF: 0.8, Temp Rise: 130, Leads: 12.0, RPM: 1800.0. Additional Information: Battery; Battery Charger; Battery Rack; Block Heater; Fuel Tank; Muffler; Enclosure; Generator Panel; Autostart, Sound Attenuated Enclosure. Weight (lbs): 35000. Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 336x111x140. Fuel Tank: 500. 0114
1230 1200 FG Wilson Two (2) DDC1250E FG Wilson, trailer-mounted rental packages for sale out of our rental fleet. Each are housed in sound-attenuated, ISO containers with 750 gal fuel tanks. 277/480V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, Newage Generator Ends, 1600A Breaker. UNIT #2045, Model DDC1250E has Detroit Diesel 12V149TIB Engine -4100 hrs since new in 2001. UNIT #1442, Model DDC1250E has Detroit Diesel 12V1249TIB Engine -9206 hrs since new in 1996, Units have been serviced and load tested. FOB Longview, TX. 0712
1256 125 Komatsu Engine Brand Komatsu, Model 0671T, Serial #57170, Manufacture Date 1987, Fuel Type Diesel, Governor Electronic, Air Cleaner Dry Type, Starter 24 Volt Electric Starter, Alternator 24 Volt Alternator, Cooling Radiator Cooled, Tier Rating No Tier Rating - GENERATOR: Generator Brand Onan, KW125, kVA1 56.25, Rating Stand By, Volts 277/480, Amps 188, Phase Three Phase, Power Factor 0.8, Cycles/HZ60, Cycles/Hz, # of Leads 12 Excitation Brushless PMG No, RPM1800 - Package: 429 Hours Since New, Generator Set, Type Stand-By Brand Onan, Model 125.O DVD-15R/26986 A Panel with Autostart and Safety Shutdowns Enclosure Weatherproof Enclosure Batteries No Battery Charger No Block Heater Yes Muffler No. 0714
1240 1250 Caterpillar Caterpillar 3512B DITA Industrial Generator Set. 1250kw standby, 1810hp, 1800rpm, 60hz, 480v. Year 2000. 71 hours since new. Serial Number is 8RM00537. Generator set is complete with the following options: engine driven radiator, jacket water heaters, Racor filtration system, engine mounted meter panel with auto start/stop, 2600 amp main line circuit breaker, generator mounted battery charger and a crankcase ventilation trap. Engines have EPA tier 1 certification. 0314
1250 1760 Diesel 1760 KW MTU 16V4000G83 Generator, Year: 2008, Manufacturer: MTU, Fuel Type: Diesel, Model: 16V4000G83, Serial Number: 527 Prefix, KW: 1760, Hz: 60, Voltage: 480, RPM: 1800, Hours: 0 Since New. More Information: (3) New Surplus Hitec 1760kw Industrial Power Modules Powered by MTU 16V4000G83 Engines. Rated at 1760kw / 2200kva, 60hz, 480v, 1800rpm, 0.8PF, Tier 2. Year 2008, units have only test hours since new. Sound Attenuated Enclosure Complete with Brushless Generator Ends, UPS Features, Unit Control Panel, Unit Reactor Panel Housed in free standing Cabinet, Redundant Starting Panel and Master Select Panel Integrated into UCP. Price is per Unit. 0614
1242 500 Cummins Generator Set 500 KW 625 KVA Approx. 800 Original Hours, Cummins Model VTA 1710 Diesel Engine, 12 Cylinder V Type Turbocharged, Steel Base Mounted, Radiator Cooled, New Control Panel for Engine and Generator, Automatic or Manual Start Controller, New Engine Safety Controls for Low Oil Pressure, High Water Temp., Over speed, Over crank, 24 Volt Electric Start, Fuel Oil, Lube Oil & Air Intake Filters, Battery Charging Systems, Battery Cables, Exhaust Flex Connector, Hospital Type Exhaust Silencer, Main Generator Rated 500 kW, 625 kVA, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle , 1800 RPM, Can be Setup 208-240 or 440-480 Volts with Neutral ( Reconnectable), Main Generator Controls to Include New Digital Metering for Amp, Volts and Frequency, Automatic Voltage Regulator,Generator Set has been Painted, Serviced and Full Load Tested, Outdoor enclosures Available at additional Cost. 0314
1253 500 Cummins Engine Brand Cummins Model VTA12-800-GSSerial #10342183, Arrangement/CPL #111, Manufacture Date6/73, Fuel type Diesel, Governor Hydraulic, Air Cleaner Dry Type, Starter 24 Volt Electric Starter, Alternator 24 Volt Alternator, Cooling Radiator Cooled, Tier Rating No Tier Rating, RPM 1800. GENERATOR Brand Cummins, Serial # FH8373308, Kw 500, kva 625, Rating stand By, Volts 129/208, Amps 1735, Phase three Phase, Power Factor 0,8, Cycles Hz60, Temp Rise 105, Excitation Brushless, PMG No, RPM 1800, 836 Hours Since New. 0714
1235 2500 Nigata 8L32CX 2500KW 60HZ, 1992YEAR DIESEL ENGINE GENERATOR POWER PLANT, Engine Niigata, Model : 8L32CX, Output : 2500KW, Year : 1992, Revolution : 720rpm, Generator Maker : Meiden, Output : 3,125KVA, Voltage : 6600V, Frequency : 60HZ, Fuel : Diesel Oil Convertible HFO, with Auxiliaries and Maintenance & Manual book for power plant. Price FOB South Korea. 0214
1259 600 cummins Cummins VTA1710 G2 Ser# 37104755, 600kW, 750 kVa, 480 volts,60 hz, 3 ph, 902 amps,12 wire, breaker, CPL 519, 900HP, gauges, Low hours, Radiator Cooled, Open Skid, electric start, filters, open unit, alternator 24 volts, Diesel, Gen End Marathon Mod# 600-ODFY-4XR/24176D,Class H, 40 deg c rise, Mfg Date 1981. Serviced and Ready to ship. 1214
1254 500 Detroit Diesel Engine Brand Detroit Diesel Model 16V71T Serial #16VA017045 Arrangement/ CPL #71637305 Fuel Type Diesel Governor Woodward Air Cleaner Dry Type Starter 24 Volt Electric Starter Alternator 24 Volt Alternator Cooling Radiator, Cooled Tier Rating, No Tier Rating, RPM1800. Generator Brand Lim,a Serial #A85363BH, KW 500kVA 625 Rating Stand By, Volts 277/480, Amps 752, PhaseThree Phase, Power Factor 0.8, Cycles/HZ60 Cycles/Hz Temp Rise 130, # of Leads 4, Excitation Brushless, PMG No, RPM1800. Package 757 Hours Since New, Generator Set Type Stand-By Brand Detroit Diesel Model 16V71T Panel with Autostart and Safety Shutdowns, Breaker 600. Enclosure None, Batteries No, Battery Charger No, Block Heater Yes, Muffler Yes. 0614
1238 1200 Diesel Brand EM, Serial # 782490-3, KW 1200, kVA 1500, Volts 277/480, Amps 1804, RPM 1200, Condition Low Hour, Three Phase, 60 Cycles/Hz, Power Factor 0.8, Drive Type Standard 21ft, PMG No, Excitation Brushless, Rating Stand By. 0314
1249 800 Waukesha 800KW Qty. (1) Stock Waukesha, L7042GSI, 480V/60Hz 2500 hours, open skid. 0514

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