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263 16000 Laval 16 MW Stal Laval Back Pressure Steam Turbine, Working pressure: 36 bar, max pressure: 42 bar Extraction: 11,8 bara, backpressure: 4,7 bara. Steamflow: 158 T/h, Extraction flow: 30T/h, Temp.450 C, 6300 volt, 50 HZ, Year: 1955, The plant has only 25,000 hrs since the turbine and generator had a complete overhaul throughout in 2001 at a cost of 2.2 million euros. All magnetism equipment and vibration equipment new in 1996. Plant is in excellent condition. We can offer the plant dismantled and shipped to port. Plan is being sold for a fraction of the cost of the overhaul. Item: 118. 05120912
179 17000 Wartsila NEW 17 MW Wartsila 18V46 HFO/Biofuel Generator Set. Cancelled Project: It is being sold below purchase price. 17076 KW, 500 rpm, 50 HZ, Year 2008, will burn light diesel fuel, heavy fuel oil, emulsified fuels and straight vegetable oils, palm oil, coco?nut oil, rapeseed oil and others. Can be converted to burn natural gas. Complete package with manufactures warranty. Package has been reduced in price, new purchase price. 0911-0512
153 25000 Pratt & Whitney 31250 KVA - 25 MW Pack FT8 dual fuel/dual frequency Mobile. 25 MW Pratt & Whitney FT8 Swiftpack NEW. Gas Turbine Genset - Dual Fuel: Diesel / Gas 50/60 Hz. Ready for emergency power within one day (site ready). Environmentally compatible. Optional black start capability. Flexible trailer siting - Highway compatible. - 071107120812
278 25000 Pratt & Whitney 25 MW 50/60 Hz FT8 Mobilpac, Brandnew coming with Warranty, Output (kW) 25000 . 50 or 60 Hz, Coming mobile in 2 trailers installation in 8 hours (site ready), Fuel Liquid or Gas. 07120812
281 25000 G.E. 25 MW LM 2500 Gas-Turbine 50 Hz. YOM 1994. Turbo Generator output: 29165.5 KVA. 0712
288 25000 Nigata 25 MW HFO Niigata 50 Hz. 4 x 6.2 50 Hz HFO Niigata 18V32CLX generators. Installed in 1995 but were never made operational. Warranty has expired due to time. Only hours are maintenance and service hours. This is a complete plant with everything there. Sold complete. 0812
296 25000 Pratt & Whitney Two (2) Pratt Mobilpac gas turbines, 25 MW, 50/60 Hz, dual fuel, full warranty, immediate availability, New units. 1112
297 25000 G.E. Two (2) TM 2500 Mobile generators, 50 or 60 hz, dual fuel, 25 mw, 30-60 day availability. USA. Price is per unit. 1112
290 34000 Laval 34 MW Condensing Steam Turbine with HFO Boiler Package, Stal Laval condensing steam turbine, condenser, HFO Boiler, control system, 3000 rpm, 50 HZ, 6600 V, Max design inlet pressure: 70 bar, Max design inlet temp: 505?C, Normal operation inlet pressure: 61 bar, Normal operation inlet temp: 480?C, Steam consumption at nominal load: 140 t/h, The turbine is provided with 4 uncontrolled bleedings for feed water pre-heat to 181?C. Complete system that has been rotated on a regular basis and kept in a warm dry building. Well maintained in good condition. Item: ST35. 0912
298 38000 Alstom GEC Alstom gas turbine, Model PG6541B, natural gas, 50 HZ but can be converted, 38 MW, 15,000 hours since O/H. Europe. 1112
282 39200 G.E. 39.2 MW 50 Hz Gas Turbine Generator Set Package. 2 x 19.6 MW Gas Turbine Generator Set Package. GE frame V Gas Turbine Generator unit manufactured supplied by M/s John Brown Engineering Ltd. (JBE), UK ? a manufacturing associate/licensee of General Electric. YOCs Late 1970. The units when picked up were in excellent condition. The units were last operated in the year 2000. The units have completed just 20,000 operating hours with 4000 starts. The design specifications of the Gas turbine are: Base rating 19.2 MW Peak Rating 20.750 MW, Design Ambient Temperature 38 Deg C. Price: by each Ex Works. 0812
264 47800 Siemens 47.8 MW Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant. Consists of six (6) 5.25 MW Siemens Gas Turbines in self contained modules, 16.3 MW Alstom Steam Turbine, 11 KV, 50 HZ, All equipment has been manufactured in 2000 to 2003, all turbines have been overhauled in 2011 and have run 0 hrs. to 2900 hrs. Complete plant in excellent condition and must be seen. It. 177. 0612
299 87000 G.E. 87 MW GE Frame 6 FA gas turbine plant, 88,000 hours, 50 hz, Natural gas, Combined cycle. Europe. 1112
239 120000 G.E. 6 x LM2000 20 MW each = 120MW. These are units are new, but still to be built. Delivery: approx. 5-7 Months from contract signing (ex-site). We can supply these units on a trailer so they can easily be moved: Price: 18,8224,000.00 USD per unit Ex-Site. Shipping (estimate): 400,000.00 USD per unit. Installation: 300,000.00 USD per unit (including appropriate training for your engineers) Total: 117,144,000.00 USD Turkey
289 125000 Brown Bovery 125 MW Brown Boveri Condensing Steam Turbine, pressure: 96 bar, pressure before hp turbine: 71 bar, pressure before lp turbine: 3,65 bar Temperature max: 495?C, Temperature before hp turbine: 495?C, 3000 rpm, 50 HZ, 11 KV, Year 1972, Only 8000 hrs.on turbine since new, 110 cold starts, 50 hot starts. This complete plant is being offered as the best value on the market. Item: ST71. 0912
280 132000 Westinghouse 132 MW Westinghouse Gas Turbine + Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine : Westinghouse W251B11. - Steam Turbine: Nanjing Turbine Co. L35 6.7, Power: - Gas Turbine: 2 x 48,000 kW(rated capacity) output 42.5 MW when running on HFO, - Steam Turbine: 1 x 36,000 kW (rated capacity). Incl. related auxiliaries : Control panels / Switchgear (LV / HV (11kV), Fuel Treatment / Station / Transformers. Price USD FAS Asian Port. 0712
279 180000 Siemens 180 MW 50 Hz Combined Cycled, Gas + LFO Power Plant, 2 V 64.3 Siemens Gas turbines a 63 MW (manufactured by Ansaldo, but according to Siemens design and license), 1 Ansaldo, 60 MWISO steam turbine, including 2 boilers and auxiliaries, in sum 180 MW electr. YOM: 1998 - Hours: only 10 years in operation Complete power plant including all auxiliaries for operation, including black start opportunity. Including air condensing plant. Price in Euro. 0712
277 330000 Coal Plant 330 MW 50 Hz Coal fired Steam Power Plant. Plant has gone in commercial operation in 1983. Plant and Equipment has been in operation basically during the winter period and has 84,300 hrs accumulated only. All equipment is in excellent condition and professionally preserved. Entire Plant with all auxiliaries is available for relocation. Price in Euro. 0712

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